Cairo, El Minya and Gara Cave Safari

Spend best Safari Tours in Egypt in your tours to Cairo, El Minya and Gara Cave to discover the ancient Egyptian civilization and make best safari tour in Egypt to Gara Cave in Western desert. Enjoy Cairo Tour to the pyramids and Egyptian Museum, then ahead...

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16 Days Alex
16 days

The Holy Family Journey in Egypt | 16 Days Tour

Historians and authors around the world have long recorded the story of the holy family’s journey from Palestine to Egypt with dedication. Many consider the journey as a mark in the Egyptian history, not just a religious event. Egyptians look at the...

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10 Days Cairo
10 days

The Holy Family Tour | 10 Days Tour

Egyptians look at the passage of the holy mother and her child through the land of Egypt with fondness and pride, because this land was where they found peace and safety. Find and learn more as you are travelling the same passage...

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15 Days Aswan
15 days

Holy Family Tour Egypt

The journey of the Holy Family to Egypt including fantastic excursions to the Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum in Cairo and relaxing Nile cruise experience from Luxor to Aswan for 5 day Nile cruise.

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